Responsible sourcing of ingredients
Responsibly sourced ingredients are key to sustainability. An array of the responsibly sourced ingredients can lead to the creation of more sustainable products. Consumers today are willing to go the extra mile for products that promise good quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Thus; our palette of ingredients has always helped us attain credibility in the world of flavours and fragrances.
Starting from how we source our ingredients, our sustainability strategy goes way beyond. It extends across all aspects within our practice of business: raw material sourcing and supply chain management, product creation and our own employees, our customers and their consumers. Each of the stakeholder group is affected in some way by our ability to responsibly source ingredients – we understand this and scrutinize every step of product creation for the well-being of the internal environment and the external environment that our company is a part of.
Using knowledge gained from consumer insights, we channelize resources towards building two base blocks of production – choosing the ingredient and developing efficient delivery systems that facilitate the product to release the right taste or scent.