Fine Fragrance

We have touched many brands around the world with our excellence. We constantly deliver the most common consumer demand – perfume longevity and of course, delightful fragrances. Already recognized for our perfumery delivery technology, we are becoming strong competitors in the Body Care, Hair Care and Air Care segments too. Ambition is our key trait and we never stop innovating. To further our expansive product range, we are constantly in pursuit of differentiated technologies created by our R&D teams and external innovation partners.
The right choice of ingredients and technology supported by consumer insights is what enables us to create fragrances used and loved by billions of consumers across the globe. Our Quality, regulatory and safety experts ensure every fragrance is nothing but the best.



Tenacious, long lasting and refreshing floral fragrance that can be applied to a large variety of products.

White Rose

A fragrance as captivating and awe inspiring as a fully bloomed White Rose.

Ruh Kesar

Identical to the inherent qualities of natural saffron, Ruh Kesar is one of Spac Aroma’s leading fragrances in the Indian market.


Inspired from naturally occuring Sandalwood, Sukhad is an all time favourite for roll ons, perfumes and air care products.


Having the benefit of an experienced team of analysts, we successfully probe the future to predict potential trends.Trend forecasting can have a major impact on the marketplace, driving perfume blending choices as well as informing the development of product lines.
Our team of experts delve into comprehensive research on the category of fragrances within the beauty and personal care industry. We monitor and analyze not only regional, but industry trends around the globe, including detailed data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” macro analysis; down to individual category details.