Fragrances play an important role in the hair care category. Consumer preferences are often affected by fragrances in most hair care products. In addition to the texture, nature and quality of the product itself, fragrances help indicate important product benefits and even sub-consciously affect the consumer’s choice. For the vast and varied offerings in the hair care category, our aim is to meet every need without compromising on quality.


Understanding the complexity of the hair care market, one of our primary aims when designing fragrances for shampoos is to create something which helps the brand generate recall and recognition. And to achieve this, we explore all possibilities and strike the right balance of technology and creativity.

Hair Gel and Hair Oil

When it comes to personal care, consumers are aware of what they want and what they need. Thus, we ensure we tailor made fragrances after a deep understanding of our client’s target audience and product brief. For everyday products such as hair gel and hair oil, our expertise lies in creating fragrances that resonate elements found in nature – the warm exotic fragrance of jasmine or the refreshing fragrance of mint leaves – we create long lasting, safe to use and innovative olfactive notes.