Our array of unique ingredients is
what sets us apart
Since 1960, we have focused on building a wide array of ingredients that can be used to create flavours and fragrances that ‘stay true’ to the user. The evident result is a legacy of unique products, undisputed reputation for quality and a team of creative enthusiasts. The right mix of our ingredients, natural and synthetic molecules, perfectly matches the ever-changing consumer demand. Innovative, precious and exclusive, our ingredients represent the expertise of our creators and ability to deliver exceptional products.
Our ingredients cover every olfactive family and fully address the technical challenges of all product categories, whether it’s a everyday perfume, or the flavour of a mouth freshener.Our choice of molecules helps us create products that bring a distinctive olfactive signature and deliver long lasting performance.
Ingredients can make or break products. The ingredients used by our experts at Spac Aromas gives us a competitive and technical edge, helping us sustain market presence and performance.